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The Features of Pressure spray dryer machine


Pressure spray dryer Features:
Pressure spray dryer has the following characteristics:

A fast drying, greatly increasing the surface area of the material after the liquid is atomized, in a hot air stream, the moment 95-98% of water can be evaporated, to complete the drying time is only ten seconds to tens of seconds, especially for drying heat-sensitive materials.

Second, the resulting product is spherical particles, uniform size, mobility, solubility, high purity and good quality.

Third, using a wide range, depending on the characteristics of materials, can also be used with hot air drying granulator cold, strong adaptability of the materials.

Fourth, simple operation and stable, easy to control, easy to automate operations.

Pressure spray dryer machine works:
In high pressure liquid feed (filtered liquid material) into the pressure atomizer atomized into small droplets, through droplets atomized (greatly increased surface area) full contact with the hot air, the rapid completion of the drying process , then get the finished powder or fine particles.

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